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J. Schwarz and Associates, Inc. (JSA) is a boutique consulting firm providing high quality engineering expertise with an emphasis on superior client service. JSA specializes in municipal engineering and land development services.


At JSA, every successful project is a team effort. It is essential that all of the skills of the owner, engineer and contractor be optimized in order to insure a project that exceeds the expectations of all the parties involved.


Design is the first step in the construction process, it establishes a project’s foundation and will in turn dictate everything that follows. No matter how much experience a contractor has, a project with a poor design is doomed for failure. At JSA, we pride ourselves in providing a sound engineering foundation to create success.


J. Schwarz & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2004 by James Schwarz, P.E. out of a desire to create an engineering firm that would act as an extension of the Client.


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James Schwarz, P.E.

President | Professional Engineer


Office: 361.906.2430

Cell: 361.510.7177

Mr. Schwarz has completed of a number of projects related to water transmission, water distribution, water treatment, and wastewater treatment. His responsibilities have included hydraulic computer analysis of distribution and transmission systems, water and wastewater treatment process analysis and design, ground storage tank design, pump station design, wastewater lift station design and potable water distribution system design.


Allen Beyer, PLA

Landscape Architect | Urban Planner


Office: 361.906.2430

Cell: 361.877.6785

Mr. Beyer has completed numerous Landscape Architecture & Planning projects focusing on Parks & Recreation, Urban Design, Branding & Signage, Land Planning and Site / Master Planning for public and private clients in the Corpus Christi and South Texas area.


Brandi Karl, P.E.

Professional Engineer


Office: 361.906.2430

Cell: 361.774.4534

Mrs. Karl has over 21 years of experience in land development for residential and commercial projects, municipal master planning, as well as municipal infrastructure design related to water transmission, water distribution, and wastewater collection.  Her responsibilities have included subdivision design, commercial site design, elevated and ground storage tank design, potable water transmission and distribution system design, wastewater lift station and collection system design, street rehabilitation design, and master planning for various municipalities.



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